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Secondhand, Price - 0 USD

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2 active monitor box OHM
Active monitor boxes from England ,100 watt music power with 6 way frequency equalization ! Price is for paar !
Secondhand, Price - 276 USD

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2 JBL boxes with 15'lodspeakers
Two way boxes with 1X15'JBL - 330757-001,8ohm,G3/power rating 225watt,99db,made in USA. Oberton HL60 horn and driver Oberton 2 way crossover Price for two pieces together !
Secondhand, Price - 380 USD

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2 Top box
Two Top boxes with 300watt each,8 ohm. Price is for two boxes!
Secondhand, Price - 250 USD

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Bass box for 15'lodspeakers
Two empty bass boxes for 15' lodspekers ! Price for two pieces together !
Secondhand, Price - 145 USD

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EV FM 1202 ER stge monitors
Stage monitors boxes Electrovoice /2 X 400watt/8 ohm.Price for two monitors together !
Secondhand, Price - 340 USD

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JBL boxes 12'
Two pices vintage boxes JBL with 12'loudspeaker and bullet driver. Price for 2
Secondhand, Price - 300 USD

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Peavey Top boxes
Two way boxes Peavey with 12" RCF lodspeakers. Price for two pieces !
Secondhand, Price - 275 USD