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2 active monitor box OHM
Active monitor boxes from England ,100 watt music power with 6 way frequency equalization ! Price is for paar !
Secondhand, Price - 285 USD

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2 EAW sub box with 18' speaker
Sub boxes with 18' speakers BH118LT 500 watt RMS,1000watt music power,8 ohm.Price for one !
Secondhand, Price - 290 USD

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2 Monitor box/Top box
Two monitor box type or Top box with 400watt RMS power,8 ohm. Include one 12"bass speaker Eminence P2008be and horn unit with 1"driver Oberton HL60 + Oberton 2 way crossover filter. Boxes made in Germany ! Excellent sound! Preic for two boxes together!
New, Price - 330 USD

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2 super bass bin
For 2 X 15' bass speakers / 1200watt/ ! Sub tuning 30hz bass ports ! Made in Germany !
Secondhand, Price - 0 USD

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2 Top box/monitor typ
Two Top box 300watt each,two way with 12' bass speaker and 1' driver ! Super price for paar !
Secondhand, Price - 230 USD

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BMS R 36a
Trapezoidal long throw boxes BMS with total power of 2400watt RMS ! Price is for 4 pieces !!!
New, Price - 1300 USD

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Dynacord CA1
Complette sound system Dynacord CA 1 power amplifier with processor in 19'rack and 2 sub boxes with Electrovice 15B speakers and 2 Top boxes with 10'Fostex speakers. 2 box stand Bespeco and speaker cables. Total power 2 X 600watt !
Secondhand, Price - 1156 USD

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EV FM 1202 ER stge monitors
Stage monitors boxes Electrovoice /2 X 400watt/8 ohm.Price for two monitors together !
Secondhand, Price - 340 USD

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MaCouley 3 way boxes
Very good quality 3 way boxes 400watt,8 ohm ! Low middle 12' bass speaker MaCouley/Canada/ ,10' middle speaker and powerful BMS diver 4548 with horn ! Price for one!
Secondhand, Price - 176 USD
Oberton T52
trapezoidal 2 way box 600watt
New, Price - 400 USD

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Oberton T53 /3 way box
Two 3 way boxes Oberton model T53 with 15' bass speaker,8' middle speaker and bullet driver HL50! Each box is 500watt at 8ohm.Back terminal panel is with xlr and jack.Price for one box !
Secondhand, Price - 245 USD

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Philips F9434 OOP
Hi-fi 3 way original boxes model Philips F9434 OOP/Made in Belgium Price for paar !
Secondhand, Price - 170 USD

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Stage monitor box Electrovoice
Three pices Electrovoice FM 1202 ER stage monitor boxes. All Equpied with brand new 12' bass speakers and drivers !Music power is 400watt,at 8 ohm. Price for one !
Secondhand, Price - 170 USD
Top box BMS R36
Trapezoidal Top box 1X15"+1"4550 BMS,2 way filter BMS,
Secondhand, Price - 465 USD