Secondhand, Price - 0 USD

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3 Stratocaster pickups
All three picups comes from mexican solo guitar strat with mark positions. Price for all.
New, Price - 40 USD

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Boss TU 12-H
chromatic tuner
Secondhand, Price - 70 USD

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Fender stratocaster custom shop

Secondhand, Price - 220 USD

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HSS pickup for solo guitar
Extremely high output double humbucker HSS !
New, Price - 22 USD

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Lag Arkane A 200
Very good solo guitar with floyd rose vibrato system and locking nut ! Picups EMG + HZ /2 humbuckers and 1 single coil ! Mahagon body and clen maple neck,jumbo frets ! Made in France.
Secondhand, Price - 330 USD

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single pickup
solo guitar pickup
Secondhand, Price - 11 USD

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Solo guitar strat picgard

New, Price - 15 USD

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Solo guitar strat typ
This guitar is No name for begginers with very good sound and easy playing !
New, Price - 110 USD