Secondhand, Price - 0 USD

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2 active Philips 585
Vintage studio actve box with 2 integrated amplifiers inside !Crossover frequency at 1500hz,Motional feedback control at the bass speakers ! Made in Belgium ! price for one piece !
Secondhand, Price - 115 USD

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MXL 2001 condenser microphone
Best quality studio condenser microphone model MXL 2001 /made in USA.
New, Price - 180 USD

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Roland VS 1680
Digital 24 bit workstation Roland VS 1680 /audiomixer 16 channel and recorder/cables,instruction manual and transport flightcase.
New, Price - 375 USD

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Soundman 4002 heafphones preamp
Four individual channels for headphones in recording studio.
New, Price - 90 USD

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Tube Tech CL 1B compressor

New, Price - 1890 USD

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Tube Tech SSA 2B stereo summing amplifier

New, Price - 1835 USD

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Universal audio 1176LN
Vintage tube compressor/limiter from Universal audio.Made in USA.
New, Price - 1520 USD